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In New York State there are approximately 2,250 licensed private investigator firms...

only 10 can have " Detective" in their company name.

Holmes Detective Bureau was founded in 1928 by Edward Z. Holmes, who served in the United States Secret Service through the terms of four Presidents. Utilizing the investigative and protective skills acquired during his distinguished public service career, he joined with other members of the local, state, and federal agencies to open the original office on the second floor of the Pioneer Hotel in Rockaway Park, New York. Edward Holmes later became a consultant to the NYPD in techniques that would eventually be known as the science of gun detection. 


Since 1928 HOLMES has been providing professional investigative and security services for the public sector, corporations and law firms. During our 90 years of service, we have maintained an excellent reputation in the security industry. By developing associations with professionals in all phases of the industry, we are able to provide a complete array of services including corporate, civil and background investigations, latent fingerprint examination, forensic document examination, electronic security countermeasures, evidence identification, and polygraph examinations.

After working on a case, HOLMES doesn’t just bill and forget. Once the investigative phase of a case is completed, HOLMES investigators know how to present competent relative testimony as convincing witnesses. All of our investigators have garnered hundreds of hours of courtroom experience testifying on behalf of our clients and the People. 

Special for FINRA registred companies: Pre-Employ Credit Report: Submit 5 or more new hire releases in a 24 hour period for $23.95 plus tax each.

TransUnion Peer Report (pre-employment credit report) Regularly $28.95 each plus tax.

E-mail us at for employee release.

FINRA RULE 3110 (e): Pre-Employment Credit Report, $28.95 plus tax.

FINRA RULE 3110 (e): Pre-Employment Credit Report, Criminal Record Check (Statewide Where Available) Federal Criminal, Federal Civil, Law Suits as Defendant & Plaintiff, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcy Filings. Prices depend on how many states and counties candidate has lived over past 7 years.  E-mail or call for prices. 

                                                                   Price Schedule

New York State Criminal Records:  $135.95 (per name). Office of Court Administration  Requires full name and DOB. Same or 1 day turnaround.

Investigative:  $195.00 per hour plus expenses (6 hour minimum). 

Surveillance:  $195.00 per hour (8 hour minimum) Includes 2 operatives, vehicle, video, written report. Mileage, tolls and out of pocket expenses extra.

Fingerprint Services: Live Scan or Ink In our office - Financial ( FINRA, NFA ), Insurance Licenses (Outside NY), Liquor Licenses (Outside NY)  NY Mortgage Bankers and Lenders, Bar Exam,  Adoption, Canadian Immigration, Good Conduct, etc., there is a three (3) card minimum per person $50 plus tax, addl. cards $12.50 plus tax.

Fingerprint Service: Your office in Manhattan $175.00 ( includes first 8 cards), addl. cards $12.50. Long Island, Northern New Jersey,& Connecticut extra depending on mileage out of Manhattan.

Fingerprint: (Forensic) Development and Chemical Analysis $1200.00, Comparison $600.00 (includes first 2 hours, addl..$175.00 per hour), $750.00 Court Testimony.

Polygraph Examination: $500.00 per "Specific". Performed by former NYPD Polygraphists. Must meet guidelines. Matrimonial and Domestic examinations $600.00 


Statements Taken: $175.00 per hour (4 hour minimum). 


Armed Security Officers: Contract: Office buildings, Installations, Corporations, Residences, Hotels, Upscale Retail Stores from $60.00 per hour. Specials: Including  Book Signings, Guest Appearances, Parties, Special Events from $95.00 per hour. Close Protection: Including Employee Termination, Executive Protection, Witness Protection $165.00 per hour (includes 2 agent team with an 8 hour minimum) and up depending on threat level.

Pre Employment  $350.00 Includes Pre Employment Trans Union Credit Report, DMV Records, Statewide Criminal Check,  Public Record Search (Upper Civil Court Filings-County of Residence, Statewide Federal Criminal and Federal Civil Courts,  Liens, Judgments, Sex Offender Registry, National Wants & Warrants ( If Available), Address History, Investigative Database.

New York State Department of Banking Background Check. Prices depend on biographical address history of candidate. Most reports fall between from $750.00 to $1250.00 We can review candidate's address history for exact charges before beginning. Please contact us for information further. 

1. Pre-Employment Trans Union Credit Report $28.95 Confirms Addresses, SSN, Public Records, (same or next day return by E-Mail)

2. Add on Same Day Criminal Court Retrieval $135.95 (Most accurate NY Criminal search available) (same or next day return by E-Mail)

3. Add on NY Driving Record  $28.95 (Direct from Albany's computer) (same or next day return by E-Mail) Confirms correct DOB, Address, Scofflaw, DUI etc.

4. Add on Liens, Judgments, Address History, & UCC Filings $65.00 (same or next day return by E-Mail)

5. Add on Suits (as Plaintiff and Defendant - County of Residence), Federal Criminal Court (District of Residence), Federal Civil Court (District of Residence) & Bankruptcy Court (Statewide), $65.00 (same or next day return by E-Mail)

6. Add on National Wants & Warrants (If Available) $28.95

7. Add on Sex Offender Registry $28.95

8. Add on Address History $28.95

E-Mail for release forms and any questions you may have. E-Mail a letter of  request on your company letterhead, copy of government photo ID of applicant with our signed release.

In NY license is titled Private Investigator, in CT & NJ license titled Private Detective

Please note: Armed guard services are provided at  the discretion of Holmes Detective Bureau, Inc. management.